Welcome to the Brassicaceae Simple Sequence Repeats Database


      Brassicaceae is an important family in the plant kingdom. The Simple Sequence Repeats (SSRs) play a vital role in the study of Brassicaceae.

      By using 13 known sequenced Brassicaceae species with bioinformatics and comparative genomics methods, a total of 1,786,619 SSR loci and 1,919,464 pair of primers have been developed. The results show that the SSRs are widely distributed in the Brassicaceae species` genomes, 1-3 bases duplication have a high ratio among these genomes and gene sequences, AT/TA repeats units have a high numbers in all of the 2 base duplication. In addition, 435,414 specific SSR primers could be used to analyze the correlation between the species of Brassicaceae. 11 pairs of universal primers` developed shows that there exist some consistent base fragments and could be amplified across different species.

      In this study, we constructed the world's first SSR molecular marker database platform (BSSRD, Brassicaceae Simple Sequence Repeats Database which will play an important role in the construction of genetic map, gene mapping and genetic breeding of Brassicaceae.

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