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  The information of Nicotiana    

As we all know, Nicotianais usually used as a model plant in the study of molecular plant-microbe interactions and it’s a vital material for the cigarette industry which could make a huge of commercial value all over the world.However biotic and abiotic stress conditions cause extensive losses to the application of Nicotiana 

Due to the fast development of sequencing techniques, more and more genomes in plants have been sequenced in the past few years.Till now , 6 Nicotiana and 19 pathogens of Nicotiana have been sequenced.

Basing on the genome sequences of 6 Nicotiana species ,19 kinds of pathogens of Nicotiana and 16 domains to resist biotic and abiotic from the previous research. 5,420,852 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) loci and 1,958 Short Tandem Repeat (STR) loci of pathogens have been obtained.

In addition, 15,928 and 3,695 members of resistance genes from the two main abiotic resistances domain Pkinase and MYB are identified in these Nicitiana species, which indicate that Nicotiana have a relative high resistance to the abiotic.