NRD Nicotiana Resistance database  

The HOST page consists of 4 parts. Firstly, the Domains part shows the detail information of 16 resistance domains. Secondly, the Source part shows the detail information of 6 Nicotiana genomes. Thirdly, the Resistance genes part provides a search function to retrieve resistance genes by the option of Species, Domains or ID. Then all the resistance genes could be downloaded through GENE DOWNLOAD. Fourthly, the GO and KEGG annotations’ results could be found in Annotation part. The KEGG annotations’ information could be retrieved by Species, Domains, ID and KO and then the GO annotations’ detail information could be retrieved through Species, Domains, Type(GO, Wego and Iprscan) and ID.

  Domains :                  the information of 16 resistance domains.      
  Host source :            6 Nicotina genomes’ information contain their sources ,size and the version      
  Resistance genes : the search page of Nicotiana species' resistance genes.      
  Annotation :              the search page of GO and KEGG annotation results.      
  The flowchart of Host