Biodatabase (BioDB) provide freely available biology database , biotools on line, bioinformatics services,advanced bioinformatics training, the coordination of biological data provision to scientists at all levels.

When researchers make their data open to the public and commonly shared in world wide, BioDB make efforts to describe information on the data as rich as possible.The data in this database are freely available for all academic and non-commercial users. Commercial users are kindly requested to contact us for details of possible licensing arrangements.

Molecular Marker
No. Database Type Description
1 PSSRD SSR Poaceae SSR database
2 WMMD SSR Wheat molecular markers database
3 TMPD SSR Tobacco Markers & Primers Database
4 BSSRD SSR Brassicaceae SSR database
5 PIP Intron polymorphism Intron polymorphism database
6 NSNP SNP SNPs in the Nicotiana
7 GMGM Genome marker Comparative genomic research about Xoo and Xoc
8 PSID Combined marker Plant SSR and IP Database

No. Database Type Description
1 GC Crispr/Cas9 Grape crisper database
2 PC Crispr/Cas9 Plant crisper database

Biotools online
No. Database Type Description
1 CSSNP Biotools online Comparative synteny SNP database
2 SNAMT Biotools online Solanum and Nicotiana Annotation and Metabolism enrichment Toolkit database
3 PGF Biotools online Plant gene family database

Genetic and breeding
No. Database Type Description
1 TGB Tobacco Tobacco Genetics and Breeding (TGB) Database
2 GAN Tobacco A platform of genetics and genomics analysis and application in Nicotiana
3 NRD Tobacco Nicotiana resistance database
4 WPID Wheat Wheat pathogeny interaction database
Intron related
No. Database Type Description
1 PSJ Intron related Plant splicing junction database
Genome database
No. Database Type Description
1 PGD Genome database Pineapple genome database