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                             analysis and application in Nicotiana


The genetic map is a map of a particular species (known as the linkage map), which shows the relative position of the known genes or genetic markers. It is calculated by the results of genetic recombination test. There are plenty of genetic linkage map for Nicotiana by using molecular marker-based techniques in the previous researches.




The genetic maps of Nicotiana


Cross combination Population type Types of markers No. of markers Maps length (cM) No. of groups References Gene map
N. plumbaginifolia × N. longiflora(wild species) F2 RFLP/RAPD 151 1385.6 19 Lin et al.2001  
Speight G-28 × NC2326 (Flue-cured × Flue-cured) DH ISSR/RAPD 157 1838.2 27 Xiao et al.2006  
Hicks Broad leaf × Red Russian (Flue-cured × Dark tobacco) F2 SSR 286 1920 24 Bindler et al.2007  
Taiyan7 × Burly21 (Flue-cured × Burley) F2 SRAP/SSR 112 1560.2 26 Ma et al.2008  
Burley37 × Burley21 (Burley × Burley) DH SRAP/AFLP 118 1953.6 22 Cai et al.2009  
N. tomentosiformis × N. otophora(wild species) F2 COSII/SSR 489 1071 12 Wu et al.2010  
Hicks Broad leaf × Red Russian (Flue-cured × Dark tobacco) F2 SSR 2317 3270 24 Bindler et al.2011  
Hicks Broad leaf × Honghua Dajinyuan (Flue-cured × Flue-cured) DH SSR 611 1882.1 24 Tong et al.2012  
Hicks Broad leaf × Honghua Dajinyuan (Flue-cured × Flue-cured) DH SSR/DArT 851 2291 24 Lu et al.2012  
Y3 × K326 (Flue-cured × Flue-cured) BC1F1 SSR 626 1120.5 24 Tong et al.2016  



BC: backcross

DH: doubled haploid

RFLP: restriction fragment length polymorphism

RAPD: random amplified polymorphismic DNA

ISSR: inter-simple sequence repeats

SSR: simple sequence repeats 

SRAP: sequence related amplified polymorphism

AFLP: amplified fragment length polymorphism

COSII: conserved orthologous sequences

DArT: diversity arrays technology


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