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      A platform of genetics and genomics

                             analysis and application in Nicotiana


Welcome to the platform of Genomics and Genetics Analysis and Application in Nicotiana(GAN). GAN is a integrated user-friendly web interface for storing, searching, browsing and downloading the datasets of genomics and genetics in Nicotiana.


    5,267 germplasm resources could be searched in their detail information (such as, basic introduction, agronomic characters, disease resistance, species pictures) on the Germplasm page.


     A few of Nicotiana whole genomes have been released including Nicotiana benthamiana, Nicotiana otophora, Nicotiana tabacum BX, Nicotiana tabacum K326, Nicotiana tabacum TN90, Nicotiana sylvestris and Nicotiana tomentosiformis (Genomics).


    The detail information of 10 genetic linkage maps, gene annotation,  homologous synteny analysis, gene families and gene sequences query could be used on the Genetics page.


    Four frequently-used molecular markers including Simple Sequences Repeat (SSR) loci, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) , Potential Intron Polymorphism (PIP) and Reverse Transcription-PCR primers (RT-PCR) have been developed (Markers).


    GAN also provided the online software, such as Blast, MISA, Nucl-Protein, Primers-Design, e-PCR (Tools) and genome browser (Jbrowse) .

    The user's manual is intended to give assistance to people better using GAN on the Manual page in Chinese and English languages.



2017.6 Database Build

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