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Potential Intron Polymorphism (PIP) marker is designing primers in exons flanking the target introns, based on the tobacco EST sequences and the Arabidopsis genome and CDS sequences.


ID: Consisting of three letters and four numbers. First two-letters are abbreviation of the Latin name of tobacco, just like 'NT' stand for 'Nicotiana tobacum'. The third letter 'P' stands for 'PIP'. The last four numbers are the serial number.

PlantGDB ID: PUTs (PlantGDB-generated Unique Transcripts) ID from http://www.plantgdb.org/.


Gene name : the model plant gene name, such as Arabidopsis gene name.


â—‡ Search PIP by ID, PlantGDB ID and Gene name.(PIP data)


ID: eg:NTP0001
PlantGDB ID: eg:PUT-155a-Nicotiana_tabacum-11745
Gene name: eg:At3g57290.1





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