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                             analysis and application in Nicotiana


Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) is a vital molecular marker to build the genetic maps for it`s abundant quantity and high polymorphism. 10,621,016 SNP loci in Nicotiana have been detected by the software of BWA,Samtools and Bcftools.


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Reference: Nicotiana benthamiana
Nicotiana Species: *
Genome ID: eg:Niben101Scf00005
Query Base:




The SNP stats of Six Nicotiana species


Reference Query SNP Number
Nicotiana benthamiana Nicotiana otophora                   785,204
Nicotiana sylvestris                1,872,257
Nicotiana tabacum BX                2,391,165
Nicotiana tabacum K326                2,403,132
Nicotiana tabacum TN90                2,442,813
Nicotiana tomentosiformis                   726,445
Total              10,621,016

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