The data here you can searched including: species, chromosome, forward start, reverse start, intron length, forward exon start, forward exon end, forward exon length, reverse exon start, reverse exon end, reverse exon length. You can searched by chromosome, segment start and end . It maybe take a few minutes, please waiting for a while. If there is a problem and haven't got the data you searched, cantact us and we will sent them to you when it is convenient.

species: There will be a drop list for you to choose the type you want.

Chr(scaf): It maybe like Chr, chr, Scaffold or others. If you don't know what it is, you can search by species and affirm it.

start and end : The start and end of the segment you want. youcan choose any segment you want that exist.

Search plant intron by species, chromosome, segment start and end and even the gene

It will take few minutes, please wait for a while.







Note: the motif and the units can be choosed only one once a time.You can choose motif as AT or units as 2.
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