In order to present the distribution of the IP and SSR products to the user, we provided two means for you to get it. The first one is a series of diagrams that show the number of SSR and IP on each chromosome. And the other one is a dynamic map, it will be made when the search items was chosen or added. With a series of blue, red,and green segments means IP products and SSR products, there are three lines in the map, the first one is a marker,the second one is IP products and the last one is SSR primers. When you put the cursors on the segment, the detail information will be presented as a drop-down list.

The diagram can be refered through this link.

The dynamic map of SSR and IP distributions

The loading of the map may be need a few minutes, please waiting for a while, and if you can't get the map you want, please contact me and we will sent what you want.


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