In order to show users the distribution of IP and SSR products, we offer two ways to get it. The first is a series of graphs showing the number of SSRs and IPs one each chromosome. The other is a dynamic map that will be generated when selecting or adding a search item. A series of blue, red and green segments means IP products and SSR products. There are three lines in the map, the first one is the marker, the second one is the IP product, and the last one is the SSR primer. When you place the cursor over a segment, the details are displayed as a drop-down list.

The diagram can be refered through this link.

The dynamic map of SSR and IP distributions

Loading the map may take a few minutes, please wait a while. If you can't get the map you need, please contact me and we will sent the content that you want.


Arabidopsis thaliana Theobroma cacao Cucumis sativus Zea mays Medicago truncatula
Oryza sativa L. Sorghum bicolor Glycine max Citrus sinensis Citrullus lanatus