Genome sequence IP


Intron Polymorphism (IP) is designed based on intron position. In order to develop IP markers, The Perl script was used to search for Intron's location and other information, all of which was collected from the gff annotations.

Intron information

A program with Perl script was used to search the position and other information of Intron, all data get from gff annotation were collected. You can search and download all information through this link. (Intron information)

IP and PIP Primer

Primers were designed based on the target sequence using Perl scripts and eprimer3, and all primers were tested by e-PCR. All these primers were also collected in PSID. You also can search and download the data as you want through this link.
To explore the use of IP markers, the EST sequences were predicted and all possible primers were collected in the database. If desired, you can search and download them from IP search. (Primer)

IP and PIP information

All information including intron, exon, primer and productions of IP and PIP was collected and insert into the PSID, you can search and download them through this link. (information)

IP distribution

In order to display the distribution of e-PCR products, a series of diagrams and a dynamic graph were made based on the distribution data of SSR and IP. Through this dynamic chart, the distribution of IP and SSR can be clearly and intuitively described. Click here if you want to go to this page. DISTRIBUTION.