Genome sequence SSR


Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) is widely used in biological science. In order to develop SSR markers, a program with Perl script was used to find the SSR unite length between 1 to 7bp and the number of repeats is from 11 to 2. As is shown in the following table:

The length of TNR 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Least number of repeats 11 6 4 3 3 2 2

SSR information

A program with Perl script were used to search the position and other information of SSR, all data were collected. You can search and download all these information through this link. (SSR information)

SSR Primer

According the aimed sequence, the primer were designed by a Perl script and eprimer3, and all Primers were tested by e-PCR. All these primers were also collected in PSID. You also can search and download the data as you want through this link. (SSR Primer)

SSR distribution

In order to display the distribution of e-PCR products, a series of diagrams and a dynamic graph were made based on the distribution data of SSR and IP. Through this dynamic graph, the distribution of IP and SSR can be described clearly. You can get to this page by clicking this link: DISTRIBUTION.


All the information including SSR information, Primer, even e-PCR production and others were integrated into PSID. You can search all the information through this link.