Tutorial of PSID


The Plant SSR and IP Database (PSID) is a comprehensive platform for available data includes molecular marker information, distribution maps and other useful information. Using the sequences obtained online from the public database, PSID performs fundamental research through computational biology and provides a combination of large-scale SSR and IP information, which can support a variety of academic studies.


All data about SSR and IP are collected and can be searched through the following links. IP and SSR can provide a comprehensive information. The INTRON and SSR INFORMATION can provide information for intron and simple sequence repeats.

Input information

A : Species    B : Chromosome

C : Marker number    D : Chromosome site information


In order to show users the distribution of IP and SSR products, we offer two ways to get it. The first is a series of graphs showing the number of SSRs and IPs one each chromosome. The other is a dynamic map that will be generated when selecting or adding a search item.

Operating button

A : Information view    B : Zoom Buttons

C : Marker information


The Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR) analysis and the results were shown here. All the type of SSR that was adopted and which one is not exist can be downloaded.