The information of the SSR primers can be searched in this page. Search Poaceae SSR primers by species, chromosome, ID name (identification name), the start and the end position in the genome.
Species: a drop-down list to choose the species.
Chr(scaf): the chromosome or the scaffold, for example Chr, chr, Scaffold. If you don't know what it is, you can search by species and verify it.
ID: the primer identification name in PSSRD, such as "pssrd-bamboo-00000001".
Start and End: the position range of the genome. Please input a number. If the SSR primers in your target position exist, the result will be print in the screen.

Search plant ssr by species, chromosome, id, and the start and end of the segment you want

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Note: the motif and the units can be choosed only one once a time.You can choose motif as AT or units as 2.