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The data in this database are freely available for all academic and non-commercial users. Commercial users are kindly requested to contact us for details of possible licencing arrangements.

Tobacco Sequence Data
Sequences Data Current Version Total Assemblies Resource Download
N.benthamiana 173a 25,297 PlantGDB
N.tabacum 173a 131,942 PlantGDB
N.sylvestris 163a 7,612 PlantGDB
N.langsdorffii x N.sanderae 157a 6,719 PlantGDB
Original Reads of N.tabacum   1,223,537 TGI


Tobacco Molecular Markers
Name PIP EST-SSR Genomic-SSR
N.benthamiana 2,676 1,524  
N.tabacum 8,233 8,712 66,297
N.sylvestris 699 81  
N.langsdorffii x N.sanderae 790 234  
The total number 12,388 10,551 66,297

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