TGB Genome data

     Nicotiana tabacum is an allotrtraploid species (2n = 48) with genome size of approximately 4.5 Gb. At present, the tobacco whole genome is not yet completed. TGB collected all publically available genomic sequences (856,491,056bp) of Nicotiana tabacum and EST sequences (103,387,656bp)of four relative hot-research Nicotiana. The table below summarizes all the TGB Genome data. All of the sequences data are available from the TGB Download site.

Species Type Current Version Total Assemblies NO.of Base pairs Resource Download
Nicotiana tabacum Original reads   1,223,537 856,491,036 TGI
Nicotiana benthamiana EST 173a


15,082,760 PlantGDB
Nicotiana tabacum EST 173a 131,942 81,861,221 PlantGDB
Nicotiana sylvestris EST 163a 7,612 3,063,916 PlantGDB
Nicotiana langsdorffii x Nicotiana sanderae EST 157a 6,719 3,379,759 PlantGDB



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