This database contains a mass of tobacco gerplasm data with a detailed information in Tobacco Lab. And parts of the germplasm data were from Chinese Crop Germplasm Resources Information System (CGRIS). More information of the germplasm such as economical character, pictures, physiological and biochemical property, will be updated in the future.

    In order to have an extensive research and good exchange, TGB provides germplasm to support study and education objectives. Those germplasm distributed by TGB to the academic user must in compliance with the national quarantine regulations and restrictions of China and the recipient country. Use the form below to submit queries to the database. A breif explanation of the query fields.

ID: query a germplasm ID with 'SNT' and a number.

Name: key in the tobacco name.

Type: select the tobacco type of your interest, e.g. Flue-cured tobacco, Wild.

Search Germplasm by ID, Name, and Type


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