Welcome to Tobacco Genetics and Breeding (TGB) Database

    TGB database is a comprehensive platform for the model higher plant tobacco. Data available from TGB includes tobacco germplasm, molecular markers, genetic maps and some useful tools. Using the publically available sequences, TGB developed abundant molecular markers of PIP (Potential Intron Polymorphism) and SSR (Simple Sequence Repeat). For displaying applications with molecular markers, TGB collected Genetic Map and Genetically Modified. In order to make convenience to all researchers, TGB also provided the service BLAST and Primers Developed online.

    The Tobacco Genetic and Breeding database at Shandong Agricultural University collects, reproduces and preserves seeds of tobacco and its related species. TGB database will be updated every six months.

The data in this database are freely available for all academic and non-commercial users. Commercial users are kindly requested to contact us for details of possible licensing arrangements.

Please mail your comments and suggestions to:Long Yang.

Hengchun Cao,Yujun Wang,Zhixin Xie,Lisha Huang,Houjuan Xu,Li Zhang,Ming Bian,Guangwei Sun,Shuaishuai Han and Long Yang*.

TGB: the Tobacco Genetics and Breeding database (2012). Molecular Breeding.DOI: 10.1007/s11032-012-9823-7


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