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    This site contains a database with all the tobacco EST-SSRs of length 10bp or more, with motifs from dinucleotide to heptanucleotide found in the PlantGDB PUTs sequences. Use the form below to submit queries to the database. A breif explanation of the query fields.

ID: the EST-SSR ID in this database, with a two-letter abbreviation of the Latin name of tobacco, just like 'NT' stand for 'Nicotiana tobacum', and 'ES' stand for'EST-SSR'.

PlantGDB ID: enter a PUT identifier or a Genbank number to see if it contains a putative EST-SSR sequence in the SSR database.

Motif: selects EST-SSRs made of a particular motif.

Resource: the EST-SSRs belonged to which kind of Nicotiana species.

Search EST-SSRs by ID, PlantGDB ID, Motif, Resource


e.g., NTES00001, NBES00001,NLES00001,NSES00001.

PlantGDB ID: 

e.g., PUT-155a-Nicotiana_tabacum-108008





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