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Welcome to the Tobacco Markers & Primers Database .

Nicotiana, a member of the Solanaceae family, is one of the most important research model plants and is of high agricultural value worldwide . Species in the genus Nicotiana have large genome sizes, averaging ~2.5 Gb for diploids and ~4.5 Gb for tetraploids, which made it challenging to sequence whole genomes

A total of 1,224,048 non-redundant Nicotiana (NIX) markers were developed for SSRs except mono-nucleotide SSRs, of which 99.98% are novel

For all 1,224,048 NIX markers, the predicted amplicons were scored for predicted length polymorphisms across the seven genomic sequences. A total of 430,848 markers (35.2%) showed polymorphism between at least two of the investigated Nicotiana genomes.

This polymorphism information for each NIX marker is deposited in the Search page.

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