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Welcome to the Tobacco Markers & Primers Database .

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NCBI, the national sight loss agency, is a not for profit charitable organisation which provides support and services nationwide to people experiencing sight loss.


TGB database is a comprehensive platform for the model higher plant tobacco. Data available from TGB includes tobacco germplasm, molecular markers, genetic maps and some useful tools.


A software package Genome-wide Microsatellite Analyzing Tool Package (GMATA) integrating SSR mining, statistical analysis and plotting, marker design, polymorphism screening and marker transferability, and enabled simultaneously display SSR markers with other genome features.


The Sol Genomics Network (SGN) is a clade-oriented database dedicated to the biology of the Solanaceae family which includes a large number of closely related and many agronomically important species such as tomato, potato, tobacco, eggplant, pepper, and the ornamental Petunia hybrida.

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